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Request from : Joanne 

“Can you put Emanuel Poljak on our crusade rosary? This boy is 17years old and has just been diagnosed with a legion which is cancer. Can we put him on our list??


 Hi Bady, you know how I asked you to put Emanuel Poljak on our crusade the 17 year old he went and had an ex-ray andthey can’t find the cancer anymore it is a miracle God Bless everyone for praying for him please let everyone know but we still have to pray for him the doctors are still putting him through chemo just to make sure, they can’t understand how it’s gone!!Thank you all for praying for Emanuel Poljak!!GOD BLESS!! Xx



Request from :  Theresa…

Evening soldiers, I’ve added the following to our intentions. Theresa aged 44 with 2 children has an aggressive form of Leukemia. Thank you all for uniting the power of the Holy Rosary to help our brothers and sisters in need. We are all one body of Christ. If we get a cut on our left hand, the brain automatically tells the right hand to cover the cut for support. These people are the cuts, THE ROSARY ARMY is the rest of the body automatically rushing in need of support. Our Lady will not abandon our prayers. She will forfill them through her beloved Son, Jesus our King whom will NOT refuse his mother of anything. Ave Maria. God Bless.


Anthony -Hey Brother Just an update on my friend Theresa her condition is very positive she’s in Re-Mission, her white blood cells are increasing and Theresa is slowly getting better and she is very positive and in good spirits, and most of all Theresa and her family appreciate all our prays and well wishes.Thank you, blessings to everyone.”


Anthony : Hey Brother this was sent to me by my friends husband who’s wife is sick.

Good news everyone, Theresa was discharged from hospital yesterday after completing her 3rd round (20day stay) of chemo. She will now be home for approx 3wks in preparation for her re-admission in late Feb and stem cell transplant (her brother is the doner) which is scheduled for 5 Mar. All going to the Drs plans currently which is good. This next step will be the biggest battle with hospitalisation for approx 6wks or more. Lindsay


Anthony: Hey Bady This was just sent to me buy my friend about his wife with the Leukemia. More good news on Theresa below:


I am now at home having been discharged from hospital late yesterday. So far the transplant has been successful with my brother’s stem cells making a home in my bone marrow and making lots of white and red blood cells and platelets to give me a new fully functioning immune system. The transplant was extremely challenging both physically and mentally but not as bad as I had anticipated. The new cells came in earlier than expected and my doctors are extremely happy with the ways things have gone. I have a long recovery of up to one year ahead of me. I have the immunity of a new born baby and will need to start from scratch with vaccinations. I will be staying home for the next few weeks and have to be very careful about exposure to any diseases, viruses etc. I need to visit the hospital twice a week for blood tests. Thanks again for all your kind thoughts, prayers and wishes to the Rosary Army. Theresa



Container Appeal for Typhoon Haiya, Missionaires of the Poor Phillipines …

Dearest Soldiers, fantastic news. We had itemise and listed all pieces with approx commercial prices that went into the container for the Philippines. It totalled to just under $132,000 worth. What an effort. Eternal Father, we thank you for the Gifts that you have placed upon us to serve the poorest of the poor, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. In Jesus Name, we thank you. Amen



Request from :Bernadette

After 7 years of praying for peace in our big Lebanese family and dreaming of the courage to stand up and preaching Gods peace to all it finally occurred the week I joined QMHR, The Rosary Army. I had been praying a rosary every day and on Thursday whilst having a family meeting I felt I was touched by the Holy Spirit the words of wisdom that came across me and this new courage and strength that came over me to face certain people was amazing. Thank you my mother Mary and all the Rosary soldiers who intercede for our intentions. Ave Maria



Request from :Alf & Rita…

Thx mate, and thx for the thoughts and prayers! they have came early. Today was the final docs apt. to make sure its all clear. We are 15 weeks and looking very healthy. I only told our parents today also  bless ur heart mateThank you Mother Maria.



Request from :Aurora  …

Thought that I would also share some special news. A while back I asked to pray from my sister and her husband as they we’re trying to have a baby. Well she broke the news on Christmas Day. She is now 8 weeks pregnant. Thank you and the army for all your prayers!



Request from :Gerard …

Badi that’s such a wonderful idea I love it! It just motivates our prayers and makes us pray harder when we know why and who for which we pray and the miracles serve as fuel for us and inspire conversion!


Brother, I am privileged and humbled to be a vessel of the Holy Ghost  I can’t tell you how much I love and promote the Rosary Army!



Request from :Dianna  …

So sorry to create more work for you seeing you just collated everyone’s intention , but I just received the following msg from Emanuel’s father:

Hi Dianna, I thought I would update you on Emanuel. He finished chemo + radiation. Now has 18mths of tablets + physio to fix his legs. All the prayers were nothing short of a miracle. I thank you & ask that God bless you & your family. I am also praying the rosary daily and keep your family in them. Can you please keep a VERY good friend of mine in your groups prayers. Anthony Mazza early forties just had a bad heart attack. Runs his own business with his wife. Thoroughly dedicated to his family. I have a huge respect for the man. regards Branko



Request from :Jeffery  …

My aunty heard voices of people praying in the hospital room her daughter has Leukaemia and when the the doctor asked her r u sexually active she said im catholic



Request from :Bernadette…

Hi Badwi it is with great pleasure that I announce on this special feast day the “Annunciation” my sister and her husband who have been trying for over a year through the grace of God and Our Mother Mary is pregnant!!!

Thank you for all the rosaries and prayers Ave Maria (You can send this out but my sister just didn’t want me to use her name because she’s only 9 weeks it’s still early but im Soo happy I had to share it with you today)


Request from :Julie  …

Soldiers, another TESTAMONY … In Jan 2014, we put as part of our intentions for extra prayers, for a girl called Monica who was raped and is only 16 years old and really struggling in life. Please read …”Great news Badwi… I spoke to Monica, I thinkshe’s ready to come to church and potentially surrender herself to God’s love. .. she has admitted that she can’t do this on her own and wants to get closer to HIM! Praise be to God… the prayers are paying off”Ave Maria!!!!!!!


Request from :Noemi  …

“Thank you so much for your prayers, after suffering from a painful cervical strain, the pain is almost gone and I’m about to let go of my cervical protector. Mama Mary really takes good care of me. I was recently gifted with a rosary made of different colored beads. one color represents one continent. Makes me happy that when I say the rosary I am praying for my brothers and sisters all over the world. God bless, let us continue saying the rosary and conquer evil together.”


Request from :Daniel and Maryanne  …

Praise be to God always. In January we added a couple, Daniel and Maryanne Saliba to our extra prayer intentions for pregnancy, whom have been trying for just over a year.”On behalf of my husband Daniel and myself we would like to formally thank the rosary army for all your prayers. Through the Grace of God and his blessed mother we are now 12 weeks pregnant. We would both like to extend our thank you for keeping us in your prayer intentions. A special thankyou to budwee and his family for their support, love and prayers. By Gods will we will make it known to this child just how many people prayed for his/her existence. Thank you. God Bless. Ave Maria. Daniel and Maryanne Saliba”Wooo hooo. Ave Maria.



Request from :Wafa  …

A BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE from Maryanne’s mum ..(This made me cry) Amen lord you are soo great,My spiritual son !!! Plz allow me to thank you specially,When you introduced your angel daughter to me as my grand child  I knew then a miracle is going to happen to my daughter , I cried from joy so much , I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me thro you,And I believed Maryanne will conceive around Christmas time,I wanted to tell you that long ago ,Give my grand daughter a big hug for me,May our lord bless and watch over your family always ,Love u son xxx



Request from :James  ..

We received an URGENT REQUEST from James Manassa for a ten year old boy – Christian Capaldi – who was diagnosed last Thursday with a brain tumor. His mother is obviously beside her self. Here are the results of the operation …”10 year old boy that had operation today operation successful – they went through the nose – all good at this stage – keep up your prayers for good results from biopsy. God bless you all at the Rosary Army. Love you all. James”

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