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Our Vision is to help reunite our brothers in sisters in Jesus to the bride of Christ - The Holy Catholic Universal Church in accordance and guidance of our spiritual leaders of the same universal church.


To also understand the importance of Our Lady’s intersession by praying the Rosary with a contrite heart, while meditating on the life of Christ through the Mysteries daily and with the hope of being united with the Immacu- late Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the presence of our creator, GOD. We also hope to reunite God's stray children to His fold through our expression of the loving compassion of Jesus Christ our Saviour in the same way HE works through us to serve HIS children, our brothers and sisters.


To inspire and encourage individuals of the Catholic Faith.


To help those in need spiritually, emotionally and financially, whether the situation is to arise in our home country, Australia or abroad.


With the Grace of God we are committed to serving the poorest of the poor with faith, hope and charity given to us by the power of prayer.

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