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Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Association (QMHR) was established by a small family business who felt a desire to help the poor, sick and underprivileged in the world.


Upon researching various charities to support and donate to, it became very evident that a portion of the donations (and their intended donation as well) does not reach the under privileged but is allocated to:


Charity Administration Costs (including wages)

Operating Expenses of the Charity and

Advertising & Marketing collateral development for the Charity.



As a result of this, the rationale to establish an association of global compassion were 100% of all donations (financial, perishable items and non-perishable items) entirely reaches the poor and under privileged was developed.


In August 2011, QMHR was an officially registered association and has been very active over the past 5 years.

The QMHR ASSOCIATION is also small non for profit association.


QMHR is set up to help and benefit the poorest of the poor being;

The relief of poverty

The sick

Those with disabilities

The misfortunate (orphans & abandoned children)

The helpless and underprivileged

Mentally Challenged Children and Adults.Minorities and Refugees


QMHR acts on helping those who cannot help themselves. We attend to the needs through financial and physical support to give the less privileged a better quality of life and to save lives of any person experiencing hunger or disease, in hope to survive their full potential of life they deserve.


Internationally, QMHR provides local families with various donations of:

Food packages (kits) provided to families who cannot afford, are not capable of or do not have legal rights to work aboard.

Building of a Hospital (apostolate in Philippines and India)

Child Sponsorship program

Financial Support for basic day to day needs including medical expenses, education and rent.

Easing the suffering of trauma for the families who have recently suffered or being recently affected by disaster and war by

means of financial support.

Saving Refugee girls from working in brothels for income as a result of no rights or privileges to work neighbouring countries.

Paying for the rent of refugees and the poor in the Middle East.

Counselling (Free of charge conducted by Clinical psychologist) for victims of tyranny, rape, abuse, torture and extortion.





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