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All proceeds raised at the Fundraising dinner will go directly to QMHR’s East Timor Project

 working in conjunction with Missionaries Of the Poor.


Who are Missionaries of the Poor?


The Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) is an international Roman Catholic monastic religious institute of Brothers dedicated to "Joyful Service with Christ on the Cross" to serve the poorest of the poor. It was started in 1981 by Father Richard Ho Lung in Kingston, Jamaica and has now grown to over 550 brothers from 13 countries.

Their headquarters is in Kingston, Jamaica, where they maintain six mission homes for destitute persons, including abandoned sick, disabled, or dying men, women, infants, and children. They also operate in India (Andhra Pradesh and Orissa), the Philippines (Naga City and Cebu), Haiti (Cap-Haïtien), Uganda (Kampala), Kenya (Nairobi) and the United States (Monroe, North Carolina).[1] A mission is being established in Indonesia.

The brothers, who gave away all personal belongings, take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.   Everything is done in community including eating, sleeping, and travelling. All their daily activities revolve around prayer, service and worship. More than just giving aid with food, clothing and shelter, the Missionaries of the Poor are dedicated to building up the Church and spreading the Faith. Dedicated to the Holy Rosary, they wear the beads on their sash, and it was on the feast of the Holy Rosary in 1997 that the Holy See recognised them as religious community.


How your funds will help!

100% of your money will go directly into the Timor Leste “East Timor Project”

At the invitation of the Bishop of Maliana Diocese Bishop Norberto Do Amaral, we will be setting foot in Timor Leste to build a mission to spread God love and compassion to the poorest of the poor.


Where is Maliana Diocese in East Timor

Maliana Diocese is one of the three dioceses in Timor Leste. The headquarters of the diocese are in Maliana city, the third biggest city in East Timor. The town itself is a 45 minutes drive from the border of Indonesia, and almost 3 hours drive from Dili, the capital city of East Timor



About the East Timor project

In Maliana Diocese, many poor people struggle to earn a living. Many Children are malnourished, no proper education and literally have no food or proper medical care and no clothing.

Our vision and immediate mission in Timor Leste will be to serve the lepers and HIV positive persons. We will nurse their wounds and bring hope and life to them.  We will also care for the many malnourished children and the less-able children.


  • Land. We will need to purchase property of Land about one hectare for the brothers’ Monastery. And another One hectare piece of land for a home where we can care for lepers and HIV-Positive persons and the children with special needs.

  • Building a home for the brothers who will be caring for the poorest of the poor.

  • Building a home (apostolate)for the poor and children with special needs

  • A vehicle to transport the sick to the hospital and the brothers to and from the Apostolate and other apostolic errands.

  • Medical supplies, clothing and other basic needs.


The people are in ardent need of help and we are ready with our little hearts full of love to serve the poorest of our brothers and sisters especially in Maliana. We have the approval of the Bishop to start but resources are still hindering us from starting.


We pray that the Lord may bless your sacrificial efforts and inspire many to be part of building His Kingdom.


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